test Broadly speaking, EdelGive works with 2 key groups of persons. EdelGive works with people, and Foundations and corporates who want to contribute to the cause of effecting social impact. EdelGive offers our funding partners a wide range of services including advisory, reference and monitoring support. EdelGive also works through small and mid-sized NGOs working across India in the areas of Education, Livelihoods and Women's Empowerment. We provide our NGO partners 360 degree services by providing funding, capacity building and linkages to other funding sources.


EdelGive's partners in Livelihood have a strong community connect, and have built interventions that are contextual to the needs. EdelGive Foundation works with fifteen grassroot organisatons in the remotest part of rural India on building resilience amongst communities across ten states of India.
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Women Empowerment

EdelGive is committed to addressing both social and economic inequalities that prevent women and girls from achieving their full potential. We work with our NGO partners (pan India), who are focusing on five key priority areas.
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