Who We Are


EdelGive Foundation, set up in 2008, is the philanthropic arm of the Edelweiss Group. Through the last decade, EdelGive, has primarily been a grant making organization, supporting small and mid-sized NGOs across the country. Additionally, it has become the connecting platform between grantmakers/donors and credible NGOs across the country. Our endeavour is to build sustainable institutions and organizations that promote societal growth and innovation, and advances the common good by bringing the skills, resources and talents of the for-profit world to the not-for-profit world.


Build a strong, efficient and
high impact social sector for a better India


To leverage the capacity and capital of the
for-profit world to equip and enable the social
sector to achieve the greatest impact
on the disadvantaged groups of India

The EdelGive Foundation Model :

EdelGive functions as liaison and link between the different entities in the philanthropic ecosystem. It partners with corporates, foundations and HNIs to fund and build the capacity of credible NGOs, helping them grow strong as they create social impact.



Social Transformation through Systemic Change

We are committed to bring about sustainable long term change by working with the system to enable the system. Our efforts are directed towards ensuring that liberates and empowers.

Partnerships across Sectors to Multiply Outcomes

We are focused on enabling more partnerships within and between the corporate sector, the social sector, and the Government for far-reaching, sustainable impact; through collaboration, coalitions and co-creation.

Engineering Change by Developing Grassroots Leadership

For communities to grow strong and empowered, identifying and nurturing individuals with the power to lead from within, is critical. We support NGOs working to enable grassroots leadership to emerge, especially in the area of women’s empowerment.

EdelGive's Philosophy is based on Four Key Pillars

Investing For Development:

EdelGive understands that social transformation needs substantial financial investment over a sustained period of time, before tangible results can be seen and measured. We support NGOs across India that are working to bring about much needed social change through education, livelihood and women’s empowerment programs. We fund NGOs with a proven as well as innovative model; having the potential for exponential growth, which can be progressively scaled up.



EdelGive regards all its stakeholders – investors/funders, NGOs, employees, the government, communities and society as a whole, to being equally important. We understand that in the philanthropic ecosystem, not all of our stakeholders have equal opportunities and resources. But our objective is to adopt an approach of equity in order to bring about a more balanced distribution of resources.

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Asymmetric Payoff:

We believe in maximising the good that can come about from every resource invested for social development. This has been explained aptly in the words of Rashesh Shah, Chairperson and CEO of Edelweiss, “We take the risk, and the society as a whole reaps the reward.”


10X Impact:

We are committed to effecting social transformation rather than isolated improvement, that will be sustainable. To achieve this, we leverage our funds, our partners’ funds, our capacity building efforts, and our networks and collaborations to provide NGOs with 360 degree support. EdelGive provides its partner NGOs with funding support, capacity building support, and in establishing linkages to other funding sources. EdelGive also assists funders to identify and access select NGOs that lie outside our immediate mandate.

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