EDGE 2018

This year, EDGE focused on Leadership – A key vector for change and facilitated a common engagement platform for the funding fraternity and the non-profit community. The day hosted engaging conversations with dignitaries from different sectors who have engineered positive changes in development through their intent, intelligence and identity.

The day saw three panels which featured leaders of renowned non-profits who have traversed Uncharted Territories in philanthropy, introduced the Influencers who are have come together for enabling women empowerment and showcased eminent personalities from philanthropy and popular media who spoke on Building on their Personal brands for driving support for a cause.

EDGE Talks showcased the journey of four grassroots leaders we work with, who spoke about the genesis of the organisations they created, and continue to lead.

Like each year, this EDGE too successfully converged positive intent and laid the foundation for opportunities for partnership between various players in the philanthropy landscape.

View glimpses of EDGE 2018 here.

Uncharted Territories

The Influencers

Meet the Influencers! Strong leaders from different sectors who have come together to lend their voice and visibility to critical issues in women’s empowerment.


Archana Chandra, Jai Vakeel Foundation
Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, IDFC Institute
Anju Gupta, ADG, Women Power Line, Uttar Pradesh
Uma Chatterjee, Sanjog
Vidya Shah, EdelGive Foundation

Moderated by
Amitabh Behar, Oxfam India

Building on Personal Brands

In conversation with an eclectic panel of leaders who have used their personal brands to build conversations on critical issues that moved them.


Milind Soman, Pinkathon
Ashish Dhawan, Central Square Foundation
Nandita Das, Actor and Activist

Moderated by
Rama Bijapurkar – Author and Thought leader on Consumer Strategy

Vidya Shah
EdelGive Foundation

Anshu Gupta

Aditya Natraj
Education Foundation (KEF)

Shekhar Gupta

Archana Chandra
Jai Vakeel Foundation

Ashish Dhawan
Central Square Foundation (CSF)

Nandita Das

Milind Soman

Rama Bijapurkar
Consumer Economy Expert

Osama Manzar
Social Entrepreneur

Niranjan Rajadhyaksha
IDFC Institution

Amitabh Behar
Oxfam India

Chetna Gala Sinha
Mann Deshi Foundation

Uma Chatterjee

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