Join EdelGive’s Efforts to Support Vulnerable Communities Affected by COVID-19.

The worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has left the world in a face of on an unprecedented crisis.Due to the enforced national lockdown, the lives of thousands of daily wage and migrant workers along with their families are crumbling down. In these times of uncertainty, we believe that it is our duty, as a funder, to support our partner organizations, to ensure that the relief measures trickles down to the grassroots, for the vulnerable communities, who need it the most.

EdelGive’s approach is to implement need-based and quick decisions to ensure maximum people can benefit by

A. Ensuring that our grantees spread across 15 states are equipped and staffed to address the situation on the ground

B. Identifying and connecting initiatives that aid poor, displaced and unemployed families to funders

C. Reaching out pro-actively to other funders, providing information and linking them to genuine and authentic avenues for financial support.

EdelGive Foundation is signatory to the 'Common Charter for Indian Donors and Philanthropic Community' calling for a platform for collective action towards COVID-19 relief work.

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If you are interested in extending your support to the organisations doing exemplary work in supporting vulnerable communities and migrant workers, click on the button below.

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CORO for Literacy
CORO for Literacy

CORO has partnered with D-Mart to supply ration, almost 15 kgs worth, to 400 daily wage earners who have been badly impacted by the slowdown in and around Mumbai.

CORO for Literacy
CORO for Literacy

CORO has partnered with D-Mart to supply ration, almost 15 kgs worth, to 400 daily wage earners who have been badly impacted by the slowdown in and around Mumbai.

Jan Sahas

Jan Sahas has helped more than 66,000 migrant families with safety equipments, cash transfers and food poackages. They are relaying information through Majdoor Helpline Number 18002000211.

Gramin Vikas evam Chetna Sansthan (GVCS)

Leveraging the skill of applique art and crafts, our NGO partner, GVCS is stitching masks. Their team is distributing these masks across the communities, specifically to frontline workers like at petrol pumps, police officials, and vegetable vendors in Barmer, Rajasthan.

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sanghathan(KMVS)

KMVS is working with the local administration for providing ration supplies, medicines and daily essentials to the daily wage workers.

Shram Sarathi

Shram Sarathi along with Aajeevika Bureau is helping migrant workers through a helpline for support and assiatnce. They are also facilitating cash transactions for migrant workers at the destination sites.

Samaritan Help Mission

Slums of Howrah District in West Bengal are facing a food shortage crisis during the lockdown. With no daily income flowing in, daily wage workers and rickshaw pullers are also finding it difficult to manage two square meals a day. To combat this situation, SHM has started relief work with the distribution of food kits and directing cash transfers to those in need.

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS)

GRAVIS is running a hospital 24*7 to cater to the needs of the community. It is also raising funds for PPE kits. They will soon start distributing food and relief material in the villages of Thar region.

Milaan Foundation

Milaan Foundation has launched the ‘COVID 19 Emergency Support Programme.’ It is building awareness in the community, supporting local healthcare initiatives and financially supporting field level community workers, majority of which are women.

South Orissa Voluntary Action (SOVA)

SOVA is conducting a vulnerability need assessment to cater to the requirements of migrants and their families in need. SOVA will be providing dry food and hygiene products.

Vikas Sahyog Pratisthan (VSP)

VSP is coordinating for relief through grocery distribution, along with the Police administration in Ratnagiri and Mumbai.

Pragati Koraput

Owing to the enforced lockdown, migrant families have walked back home to Koraput, from different states across the country. Pragati Koraput is working to ensure that these 5000 migrant families and rural communities across 150 villages in two districts, are being provided with adequate food and accommodation facilities.

Mann Deshi Foundation

To curb the spread of misinformation about COVID-19Mann Deshi is using its community radio station as a tool for reliable communication. Having a reach of about 50,000 people across 110 villages in the Mann Taluka, the radio team aims to raise awareness and educate people by broadcasting interviews of experts, doctors, and government officials.

Vrutti, Swasti and CMS

Leveraging their experience of working in humanitarian emergencies like Tsunamis and Cyclones, they have developed The Covid19 (Response) Action Collaborative, which is supporting stakeholders to collaborate, coordinate and integrate various responses to COVID-19.

Medha Learning Foundation

Medha has initiated Career Advancement Bootcamp (CAB) for continuous learning of students remotely even in the face of this crisis.

Basic HealthCare Services (BHS)

BHS is running clinics instituting a series of measures to prevent infection among staff members. They are also running a phone-in service for addressing some of these issues.


Helping the community with provision of sanitation kits (soaps, sanitizers, masks etc.)

Kolkata Sanjog Initiatives

Leaders are mobilising ration in the villages from PDS and Panchayats. Ms. Uma Chatterjee is in continuous touch for providing mental health support of survivors.

Centre for Unfolding Potential (CULP)

CULP is providing awareness on precautions and symptoms of COVID-19, and supporting the communities with necessary commodities.


Kshamtalaya is working in the Kotra region of Rajasthan to ensure that the vulnerable population is getting ration and benefits of government schemes. The team is developing alternative learning frameworks for children and teachers to support their continuous learning.


Raza is working on education with adolescent girls. These girls are at puberty stage and are being provided sanitary napkins, under quality education program and create awareness to maintain personal hygiene.


Sshrishti is working to provide food relief to the families in need, which are primarily daily wage laborers and rickshaw puller.


Shaheen has provided ration support to 70 families in need.


The team is working with the sangathan women to ensure that the relief packages reach the people who need it the most.


Supporting 250 migrant families in Bhilwada area with ration.

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